Say Hello!

First You Get the Domain Name

For many months I was like Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer, when he gets fed up with the L.A. “scene” and his studio recording sessions are shitty and he takes off on his motorcycle — his BIKE! — and just like wanders the earth and grows facial hair, and ends up singing at some shitty biker bar in the middle of nowhere.

That was me, except for the L.A. “scene,” the studio recording sessions, the BIKE! and the shitty biker bar gig. I got the facial hair though, sort of.

I got way into the commenter community over at The A.V. Club. I just hung out and made wisecracks and lame jokes all day. I mean ALL DAY. I became obsessed. I was on there literally from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and any other time I could scrape out before and after. I was posting so much that I had to create a sock puppet account just to hide the fact that I was posting so much.

Finally though — and this is after like three months — I became bored with that situation. I was sick of having to explain my jokes to people with highly literal, “WHAT…IS…LAUGH?” personalities, so I got out of there. Pretty much all my jokes revolved around transgressive sex, genitals, shitting, farting, and sharting, so no big loss.

I regret nothing, because I hadn’t been feeling creative for a long long time before that, and hanging around A.V. Club got me excited again about typing words and communicating with people. I came out of that situation wanting to fire up my blog again.

Part of what had me so stymied is that I have a lot of different little things I want to write, but I’m super anal about how it’s presented. So I had to kind of organize things.

I finally have it straighted out. Eventually there are going to be five websites. Edward Sung Dot Com just redirects here, to Enemy of Joy, which is more or less what Edward Sung Dot Com used to be. I also have a site called Metagrar where I’ll post more whimsical fictional things. Others are coming along.

I’m ready. I got the eye of the tiger. Edward Sung is back and burning to reclaim the title of HARDEST WORKING MAN IN BLOG BUSINESS. I’m gonna PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT.

It's a Blog!


Hay Guise! I made a BLOG! And it’s for “cool” people only, which is why only three people will ever read it. Yeah!

I don’t have any of my old content from “Edward Sung Dot Com” here, because it’s all about making a “fresh start” (I totally accidentally typed “fresh shart” there), and not at all because I can’t figure out how to import the entries.

This new blog will be weird and angry and sad most of the time, but once in a while will feature something of general interest. That’s the game plan, anyway. I mean assuming it doesn’t just languish for a while and disappear abruptly one day, like most things I do.